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Many of Swarovski’s most emblematic jewelry products come in shimmering perfectly matched precision cut sets, which reflect the wonder and beauty of light.

Among the jewelry sets, we find rhodium or gold-plated necklaces and earrings sets available in Silk, Light Peach, Silver Shade, Moonlight and clear crystals set in Pointiage® or Indian Sapphire, Aquamarine, Light Azore, Crystal Moonlight and clear crystals set in Pointiage®. These sets include a pendant on a ball chain and a matching pair of equally stunning pierced earrings.

Also available are Vintage Rose or Light Azore pendant and earring sets. Whether in refreshing tones of Light Azore crystal, or sparkling Vintage Rose crystal, the rhodium-plated chain features a pendant and a matching set of earrings.

Perfect for any gift giving occasion, Swarovski jewelry sets are designed to offer the best of the brand’s innovative designs in matching colors that can be worn as the ideal accessory on any special occasion.

Sets: 69 products found.

Swarovski Further Set

Further Set

EUR 149.00

Swarovski Vintage Set

Vintage Set

EUR 149.00

Swarovski Fizzy Set

Fizzy Set

EUR 99.00

Swarovski Vintage Set

Vintage Set

EUR 149.00

Swarovski Tennis Set

Tennis Set

EUR 199.00

Swarovski Engaged Set


Engaged Set

EUR 299.00

Swarovski Glance Set, Black

Glance Set, Black

EUR 119.00

Swarovski Genius Set, White

Genius Set, White

EUR 149.00

Swarovski Engaged Small Set


Engaged Small Set

EUR 149.00

Swarovski Crystal Wishes Set, Red


Crystal Wishes Set, Red

EUR 129.00

Swarovski Gray Set, White

Gray Set, White

EUR 149.00

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