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1. Collected Personal Information Items Swarovski Korea Ltd.(the “Company”) collects the following personal information upon the subscription of membership or registration for customer cooperation or other services for the convenience of online shopping: Name, log in ID, password, address, email, date of birth, telephone number (home phone, mobile phone) B. The following information may automatically be created and collected while the user uses the service or during the handling of services: IP address, cookies, visit date and time records, service usage records, transaction records, exchanges and returns records 2. Collection and Use of Personal Information The Company shall collect the personal information of customers who purchase its products or uses its services in order to provide them with more efficient and convenient services in terms of ordering merchandise, handling service requests, payment, delivery of goods, customer management, marketing research and analyses, promotion and marketing, after-sale services and other general management tasks (“Services”). The information you provide to the Company may be used for the following purposes: A. Handling of members’ purchase orders or payment-related requests, billing, accuire accurate delivery addreass for the orders. B. Communicating with and responding to customers regarding Services, deliver notice, handle complaints, inform of service or events, settle disputes C. Confirming whether the transaction data is complete, accurate and not created by violator of information The Company may use the customer’s personal information and data collected during online and offline purchases to enhance its understanding of the customer (purchase preferences for certain categories, analysis of customer requests regarding purchased items and number of visits etc). With the customer’s agreement, their information will be used for the delivery of DM and newsletters, e-cards, among others, for communicative purposes, and in order to offer an invitation for more personalized Services and more useful Services provided by its employees. Moreover, The Company may, with the customer’s permission, use the personal information provided by the customer for the purpose of preparing message alerts relating to the purchase or publicity of products that are stored in the customer’s online shopping bag and delivering such alerts to the customer. The Company shall save, retain, handle and use customers’ personal information to provide its services. Such personal information shall be irreversibly deleted technologically and will not be referred to or used for further purposes in case of expiration of membership, or if you request the cancellation of your membership according to the procedures defined in the Terms of Use of Swarovski Online or when the Company limits or halts their membership due to the loss of membership. Pursuant to Article 29 of Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, Swarovski Korea shall quickly destroy your personal information or separate it from personal information of other customers in any of the following cases, in order to secure personal information of long-term inactive users: 1) Object : Accounts that have no logged in for the last 1 year 2) We shall notify the customer before destroying or separating personal information. Provided, however, the Company shall retain the following information for the period outlined below for purposes such as confirmation of the Company’s obligation to manage transaction-related records in accordance to related laws, including the Commercial Act, and internal policy: 1) Records regarding agreements or cancellation of purchase applications: Five years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc) 2) Records regarding payments and supply of goods: Five years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc) 3) Records regarding consumer complaints or disputes settlement: Three years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc) 4)Records regarding Website visits: Three months (Telecommunications Security Protection Act)
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