About Home Accessories

Swarovski Home Accessories combine the radiance of precision cut crystal with timeless elegance and functionality to create a varied collection of modern decorative ideas for the home.

The Swarovski Home Accessories collection features a modern and elegant array of table top accessories, such as candleholders, picture frames, stationery, stemware, vases, bowls and boxes, as well as a colorful selection of exotic birds, fascinating fishes, stunning flowers and splendid sculptures.

The Swarovski Crystalline Collection, a luminous and modern selection of sparkling candleholders, frames, vases, bowls and cake stands, sparkles with thousands of crystal chatons.

The Ambiray collection, characterized by clean lines and contemporary design, integrates faceted crystals and metal to create a sophisticated and stunning range of functional pieces, such as trays, picture frames and tea lights that reflect the beauty of light.

Home Décor: 42 products found.

Swarovski Minera Box, Silver Tone

Minera Box, Silver Tone ₹ 16,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystalline Treasure Box

Crystalline Treasure Box ₹ 28,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Shimmer Tea Light, Gray

Shimmer Tea Light, Gray ₹ 3,190 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystalline Vase

Crystalline Vase ₹ 34,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Ambiray Tea Light, small

Ambiray Tea Light, small ₹ 4,090 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystal Base, medium

Crystal Base, medium ₹ 2,190 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystalline Vase

Crystalline Vase ₹ 24,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystalline Picture Frame

Crystalline Picture Frame ₹ 25,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystal Base, small

Crystal Base, small ₹ 1,690 (RRP)

Swarovski Shimmer Tea Light, Green

Shimmer Tea Light, Green ₹ 3,190 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystalline Bowl

Crystalline Bowl ₹ 37,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Waterlily Candleholder

Waterlily Candleholder ₹ 11,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Ambiray Picture Frame Page

Ambiray Picture Frame Page ₹ 11,900 (RRP)

Swarovski Crystal Base, large

Crystal Base, large ₹ 2,490 (RRP)

Swarovski Shimmer Tea Light, Red

Shimmer Tea Light, Red ₹ 3,190 (RRP)

Swarovski Shimmer Tea Light

Shimmer Tea Light ₹ 3,190 (RRP)

Swarovski Star Candleholder

Star Candleholder ₹ 24,900 (RRP)

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