Just Dance

Discover the magic behind the movement of the Sparkling Dance collection.

Looking to create a fresh take on a timeless style, the ‘Sparkling Dance’ collection was created by honoring traditional jewelry craftsmanship. “Sparkling Dance” really translates everything that we – myself and our consumers – love with Swarovski jewelry; it’s precious, feminine, delicate, yet modern,” says Swarovski Creative Director Nathalie Colin.

Inspired by the idea of a ‘dancing crystal’, pieces from the collection are created with an exclusive stone setting technique which allows the crystal center stone to sway freely with the movements. The crystal’s unique facetted design allows the light to reflect stunningly as it moves, flaunting a mesmerizing display of sparkle. Nathalie shares, “The subtle movement and the glimmering effect is so pretty and almost magical – as if the crystal comes to life.”

As a beloved style from the ‘Sparkling Dance’ collection, the classic shape of the round necklace will always endure. When centered with a striking blue stone, the surrounding 3-D cage of crystal pavé shines brilliantly, and according to Swarovski Creative Director is, “A great way to really stand out of the crowd and get lots of attention, but in a very subtle way.”

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