The Raw Beauty of Nature

Escape into a world where nature meets art with the Arran Gregory Mirror Nature Collection

We are part of nature and are curiously drawn to it, yet at the same time we are continually becoming more and more detached. As an artist I am fascinated by our primitive psyche and emotional connections to the wild. I see my work as a story that I’m writing in my own visual language. My animals are the characters I use to explore this world.” – Arran Gregory
Renowned British artist Arran Gregory joins forces with Swarovski to create the Mirror Nature Collection that explores the raw beauty of nature through the brilliance of sculptural Swarovski crystal.

Recognized for his signature geometrical and minimalistic designs, the collection of three characters are intrinsically linked to his artistic practices and have been the focus of previous exhibitions.

Following the acclaimed success of his recent exhibit Hunt, it felt only natural to create his characters in a material with infinite possibilities and durability; Swarovski crystal. The creative process unfolded over the course of two years, bringing to life the leopard, wolf and bear. This collection of coveted art pieces celebrates the creative collaboration between Swarovski and Arran Gregory and paves the way to the next chapter in his work on the raw beauty of nature.

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