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Charming characters

The collection features an inspired selection of precious collectibles. The Chinese Zodiac line presents sculptures based on the animal signs of the zodiac. The collection features a charming assortment of figures that commemorate the special occasions in life. The collection also includes a vivid range of fauna and flora inspired by the dazzling colors of the natural world.

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The Disney line pays tribute to the trademark’s most endearing characters. The Silver Crystal line gathers an elegant and imaginative selection of woodland creatures and assorted animals. The Soulmates line offers stunning sculptures and statement pieces, and the Lovlots assemble a delightful medley of animal characters designed in a range of crystal colors.

Collectibles & gifts

The renowned Swarovski crystal Figurines collection celebrates the wonder of nature, exceptional design, and the luminous power of crystal with elegant, modern, and stylish statement pieces.

Also available are seasonal concepts like the lovable Kris Bears, designer sculptures, and a colorful and elegant collection of exclusive flowers.

Great as gifts or collectibles, Swarovski figurines showcase the precision cut crystal that distinguishes the brand, and the unique creations underscore the talent of the design team and its enduring quest for innovation, beauty, and excellence.

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