About Necklaces

The Swarovski crystal necklace collection is a varied and vibrant selection of exceptionally designed pieces adorned with the brand’s renowned precision cut clear and color crystals.

From simple yet beautiful rhodium or gold-plated strands embellished with clear and color crystals to sophisticated statement pieces, the Swarovski necklace collection features a stylish selection of crystal jewelry pieces that showcase the brand’s innovative and modern design.

The intricate color crystal beading of the collection’s pieces, the fresh, summery layers of the crystal and pavé necklaces or the bold baroque feel of the more gothic selections are just a few of the exquisite examples of refined design that the Swarovski crystal necklace collection has to offer.

Whether displaying naïf motifs, a shimmering shower of beads or a stunningly placed crystal centerpiece, Swarovski necklaces can be perfectly matched with the singular selection of earrings and bracelets.

Necklaces: 135 products found.

Swarovski Dusky Necklace

Dusky Necklace -50% EUR 599.00 EUR 299.50

Swarovski Caption Oval Necklace

Caption Oval Necklace -30% EUR 249.00 EUR 174.00

Swarovski Meringue Necklace

Meringue Necklace -50% EUR 199.00 EUR 99.50

Swarovski Dorado Necklace

Dorado Necklace -50% EUR 399.00 EUR 199.50

Swarovski Emma Medium Necklace

Emma Medium Necklace -50% EUR 149.00 EUR 74.50

Swarovski Divinity Necklace

Divinity Necklace -50% EUR 199.00 EUR 99.50

Swarovski Cherie Necklace

Cherie Necklace -30% EUR 149.00 EUR 104.00

Swarovski Impulse Large Necklace

Impulse Large Necklace -50% EUR 349.00 EUR 174.50

Swarovski Bound Large Necklace

Bound Large Necklace -30% EUR 299.00 EUR 209.00

Swarovski Brazil All-Around

Brazil All-Around -30% EUR 249.00 EUR 174.00

Swarovski Swan Necklace

Swan Necklace EUR 79.00

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