About the Men’s collection

Masculine style

Swarovski offers a collection of jewelry and accessories for the today’s discerning man.

Sophisticated pendants boast pure, geometric lines and faceted crystals. Beaded bracelets lend modern elegance to any outfit, complementing both a professional and casual look. Other pieces reveal powerful motifs such as crosses for a modern, on-trend look with a hint of rock.

The Men's jewelry collection combine perfectly with Swarovski’s Men’s watch collection. Sporty and masculine, these sleek timepieces combine style, craftsmanship, and Swiss watch-making expertise. They come in a range of masculine color combinations and never fail to make a statement of modern sophistication.

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Innovative material mix

The Men’s line offers edgy themes and contemporary styles. “Crystal in dark tones, paired with the finest materials such as leather and metal, allow us to create jewelry that is both masculine and robust. Worked in filigree, crystal makes a subtle statement that perfectly acknowledges a man’s desire to stand out and express his creativity without over-the-top sparkle,” explains Creative Director Nathalie Colin.

The latest creations are carefully crafted using innovative and varied materials crystal pavé and different metal platings. The result: surprising combinations and fascinating contrasts, adding detail and sophistication to your outfits.

From edgy to aristocratic, classic to contemporary, the Men’s collection once again offers a wide range of products that evoke and exemplify the modernity and creativity of Swarovski. Discover these unique designs today - and keep in mind that they make perfect gifts too, for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or any other occasion.

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