About Sets

Many of Swarovski’s most emblematic jewelry products come in shimmering perfectly matched precision cut sets, which reflect the wonder and beauty of light.

Among the jewelry sets, we find rhodium or gold-plated necklaces and earrings sets available in Silk, Light Peach, Silver Shade, Moonlight and clear crystals set in Pointiage® or Indian Sapphire, Aquamarine, Light Azore, Crystal Moonlight and clear crystals set in Pointiage®. These sets include a pendant on a ball chain and a matching pair of equally stunning pierced earrings.

Also available are Vintage Rose or Light Azore pendant and earring sets. Whether in refreshing tones of Light Azore crystal, or sparkling Vintage Rose crystal, the rhodium-plated chain features a pendant and a matching set of earrings.

Perfect for any gift giving occasion, Swarovski jewelry sets are designed to offer the best of the brand’s innovative designs in matching colors that can be worn as the ideal accessory on any special occasion.

Sets: 60 products found.

Swarovski Enlace Set

Enlace Set SEK 1,650.00

Swarovski Except Set

Except Set SEK 1,650.00

Swarovski Effusion Set

Effusion Set SEK 2,800.00

Swarovski Vintage Oval Set

Vintage Oval Set SEK 1,650.00

Online Exclusive
Swarovski Edify Set

Edify Set SEK 1,650.00

Swarovski Backstage Pear Set

Backstage Pear Set SEK 1,350.00

Online Exclusive
Swarovski Brilliance Set

Brilliance Set SEK 1,150.00

Swarovski Dear Medium Set

Dear Medium Set SEK 1,350.00

Swarovski Attract Square Set

Attract Square Set SEK 1,150.00

Swarovski Backstage Round Set

Backstage Round Set SEK 1,350.00

Swarovski Christie Set

Christie Set SEK 1,650.00

Swarovski Dot Set

Dot Set SEK 1,150.00

Swarovski Classy Set

Classy Set SEK 1,650.00

Swarovski Cyndi Set

Cyndi Set SEK 1,150.00

Swarovski Beloved Set

Beloved Set SEK 1,350.00

Swarovski Vintage Set

Vintage Set SEK 1,650.00

Swarovski Key Charm Set

Key Charm Set SEK 770.00

Swarovski Cupid Medium Set

Cupid Medium Set SEK 1,350.00

Swarovski Nude Set

Nude Set SEK 1,550.00

Swarovski Cupid Set

Cupid Set SEK 1,350.00

Swarovski Tennis Set

Tennis Set SEK 2,300.00

Swarovski Duo Set Star

Duo Set Star SEK 1,150.00

Swarovski Circlet Set

Circlet Set SEK 3,300.00

Swarovski Attract Set

Attract Set SEK 1,150.00

Swarovski Stardust Deluxe Set

Stardust Deluxe Set SEK 1,650.00

Swarovski Divinity Set

Divinity Set SEK 2,800.00

Swarovski Abstract Set

Abstract Set SEK 2,300.00

Swarovski Sensation Set

Sensation Set SEK 1,550.00

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