<p>Sparklingly yours,<br/>
<strong>Nathalie Colin</strong><br/><i>Creative Director</i>

<p>Sparklingly yours,<br/>
<strong>Nathalie Colin</strong><br/><i>Creative Director</i>

Top by Topshop,
Trousers by H&M

This season, we were inspired by contemporary artists who use light as a tool to create works of great beauty. In much the same way, the partnership of light and crystal produces exceptional artistic effects that are, by turns, delicate and dynamic, but always feminine, eliciting emotion.

In this issue of Multifacets, you’ll find tips on how to mix and match our crystal jewelry to maximize both the season’s trends and your personal style. The modern urban woman will spice up work outfits with smart pieces in mixed plating, opting for a more laidback look for the weekend. The cool fashionista will express her outgoing personality with eye-catching jewelry that plays with chromatic vibrations and three-dimensional shapes, while the ‘rock chic’ girl will opt for black shades that complement her edgy look. Last but by no means least, Miranda Kerr, our inspiring and glamorous ambassador, shares her jewelry and fashion inspiration.

A truly multifaceted muse, she has strong opinions about the jewels she wears and how best to style them. And, of course, she adores the new collection, especially our latest design, the colorful Stardust bracelet. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with it, too!

Enjoy the magazine and the collection.

Sparklingly yours,
Nathalie Colin
Creative Director

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