Make Your List…

… and Check It Twice. Karlie Kloss shows you how to #GiveBrilliant to every girl in your crew

You know the feeling; you’re so wrapped up in the high-spirited festivities, glamorous holiday dressing and twinkling decorations that when you finally realize that it’s halfway through December, you have yet to purchase a single gift. Not to worry; “All that matters is that you put a lot of love into your gifts… and have fun doing it,” says Karlie Kloss, as she shows us her top picks of the season.

Every woman deserves to dazzle. Choose a statement piece for each pal based on their personal style, but stick to one type of gift to both simplify your shopping and establish a theme for your gifts. Karlie chooses the Fantastic Necklace, a festive statement piece for her sister Kimberly, whom she describes as the “total life of the party,” while the Crystaldust bangles are the perfect gift to give to close friends. As Karlie points out, they layer beautifully, making for a way upscale version of the friendship bracelets you used to trade with your friends as a kid.

Accessories for the home are just as important as accessories for you. “My mom loves ornaments. We have probably over a thousand ornaments at my house.” Maintain an element of mysterious by wrapping the box with a jovial bow, or use the ornaments in lieu of gift tags on your wrapped boxes.

Most of all, don’t forget to treat yourself. Karlie knows she’ll sport the streamlined Attract set for every seasonal soiree. “It’s perfect because it’s just a very simple design. Just a little sparkle and it’s something you can wear everyday.”

All that matters is that you put a lot of love into your gifts… and have fun doing it.

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