About beads

Crystalline details

The Bead collection offers beautifully crafted designs, each adorned with the unique sparkle of Swarovski crystal. Showing incredible attention to detail, these miniature masterpieces are specially designed for you to mix and match to create your own unique jewelry.

Simply choose a bead necklace, bracelet or earrings and decorate it with your favorite beads. Use the bead locks to hold the beads in place. Try out different combinations to create different effects according to your outfit or mood.

Stars, hearts, flowers, animals, flags… The Beads collection not only offers classic motifs but modern, colorful designs too. With such a wide range of designs, you will certainly find something that reflects your style or perhaps reminds you of a special memory or person.

New designs are launched each season, allowing your collection to evolve over time and offering unlimited possibilities for creating new and unique jewelry pieces.

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Personalized elegance

Beads make an ideal gift for modern, stylish women. Plus, once you have given someone a bead bracelet, necklace or earrings, you know what to get on the next gift-giving occasion too: another bead to add to her collection! Glamorous party motifs like sparkling wine glasses and cakes are ideal for birthdays, while festive designs capture the spirit of Christmas with style and sparkle.

Whether as a gift from a loved one or chosen by yourself, each bead in your collection has a unique meaning. A special celebration, a memorable trip, a romantic date… Keep these precious memories alive with beads that remind you of the moments you treasure the most.

Browse this inspiring and beautifully crafted collection and find the beads that capture your style or reflect your best memories. Combine them to create unique, personalized creations or thoughtful and elegant gifts.

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