Introducing fashion blogger Vanessa Hong, Swarovski Squad member and street-style fashionista.

In great simplicity; elegance. Vanessa Hong is a fashion writer and blogger who pares it down to the basics. Built on elevated basics and everyday favorite like a relaxed leather pant, tee and plush knit — her closet gets a luxe refresh with choiceful accessories. This season is all about the creative combinations of your go-to essentials—and Vanessa shows us how to put a twist on classics for an entirely new personal style story.

Take your chic faves and give them a new spin by layering. Choose a themed, glamorous piece such as the Fantastic necklace and pair it with a complimentary accessory such as the Fizzy necklace. The stars align for this look, seen on Vanessa, who wears the duo with an all-black ensemble. For another take, pair a long pendant such as the Fizzy pendant with a choker. “I like the idea of juxtaposing different things,” says Vanessa. “If I’m wearing something very expensive I like to toss in something that’s a bit more affordable or high-street.”

Classic rings can be combined with a statement bracelet such as the Slake Deluxe, whose wrap-around style and chic color options make it a perfect versatile go-to. Above all else, Vanessa’s tip is to make a look your own, complimenting your personal style signature.

“All of us have something inherently special that we are born with,” says Vanessa. “For some of us, it’s easier to outwardly shine, others that magic is in ourselves always you just kind of need to dig for it a little.”

All of us have something inherently special that we are born with.

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